Shawna Goleski

Shawna began her yoga journey in 2005, after graduating from college and searching for something to balance out the stress and physical demands of her new career. It wasn’t until she spent 18 months traveling through the Pacific & Asia that she tried hot yoga for the first time, when a roommate took her to a nearby class in Wellington, New Zealand. Upon returning to Canada, she fully embraced a hot yoga practice with the encouragement of her sister. When Moksha Yoga Milton opened, Shawna began as an energy exchanger and eventually began teaching Kids Yoga. After many months of contemplation, and noting all the positive effects her practice had had in her life, she decided to take the leap and complete the Moksha Teacher Training in Toronto in July 2010. She has also trained in Yin Yoga with Mark Laham and Louise Sattler in Ottawa.
Shawna is excited to share the joys she has experienced through practicing yoga, by encouraging her students to work towards a calm and centered life, while enjoying the physical benefits of the practice. She looks forward to continuing her own journey with the support of the amazing Moksha community.
“Live your dream, don’t dream your life” – Source Unknown