Sarah Mceachern

Sarah began her journey with yoga over a decade ago and her love and passion with this path continues to evolve and blossom with every passing day. She was drawn to yoga for pain relief from scoliosis in 1999 while in college, and it has evolved into an ongoing journey of self exploration ever since. She recalls finishing that first class with kapalabati breathing and being amazed at how euphoric it left her feeling -and was hooked! Over the years she has explored many various aspects of yoga, and feels with every door opened there are so many more waiting to be opened and explored! Sarah knows that she wants to devote her life to this journey and exploration, which feels so beautiful as for years she wanted to do something positive for the universe and finally realized what that is!. Sarah has spent many years traveling and exploring the world and where ever she and her mat end up they seek out yoga in that location, which has brought her to some very interesting, inspirational situations along this exploration-from the beaches of Mexico to mountaintops in Guatemala to studying Thai massage in Northern Thailand, to the monastery of the Dalai Lama in India!
Her first Moksha class was after moving home from Australia and it was love and first breath! In 2009 Sarah was going to India to study yoga for her own personal practice and discovered that there was a Moksha training going on while she would be there, so it just naturally came together! After spending many months in India and exploring different styles of yoga and meditation she returned home to this loving sangha (family) of Moksha!
Sarah is so honoured and grateful to be part of such an inspiring loving community, to share, grow, love and laugh together. She feels so blessed to be a part of the cultivation of kindness, joy, compassion, strength, peace, awareness and love that makes up this community.