Katelyn Kroese

My name is Katelyn Kroese and my yoga journey started 7 years ago at Moksha Yoga Hamilton. I started yoga with the intention of finding something physical that I would enjoy, not being a very athletic person a friend of mine had suggested the practise of hot yoga. Like many people before me I became addicted to yoga, not just for the way it made me feel physically, but the mental benefits and the community I found within Moksha. The beauty of this simple yet dynamic practise opened my heart, healed my body and, freed my mind in a way I had never experienced before. After a few years of being a student at the Hamilton studio, I moved to Milton where I was pleased to find another Moksha studio with a whole new amazing community to join. I decided to become an energy exchanger helping on Sundays to clean the studio and in return received free yoga, what an awesome trade! At this time I had been working in the field of animal care for 6 years and was slowly feeling the need for a change. With the support of some of our lovely teachers and the full backing of our studio owners I  made the leap to become a teacher and attended Moksha’s teacher training in September of 2013. The training took me to Montreal for a full month and left me blissful and excited to come home and share all my knowledge with my community in Milton. I am excited to announce my journey to explore flow training this August 2015 and am eager to expand into different styles of yoga helping to grow my teaching in new and fresh ways. Currently my favourite classes to teach are music classes as I find they can bring some extra energy and lightness to the room, being able to dance through our practise to a different beat is so much fun.  After almost 2 years of teaching I  am still thrilled everyday I teach to come to the studio and give to others what I’ve found within this wonderful community. I find joy and continue to learn more through each class, our learning as teachers  never stops after training  as we are still students ourselves. Each student expands my knowledge and opens my eyes to a different perspective and gives me the opportunity to find something new through through their eyes. I hope to see you soon at Moksha Yoga Milton, love and light Katelyn Kroese.