Judy Wood

So my first introduction to yoga came later in life, I was 50ish and my friends wanted to try this new hot yoga stuff….i was like mmmm ok…… so, there I was my first yoga class wondering what the heck I was doing sweating; gosh at my age I didn’t need a hot room, I was plenty hot enough, it turned out to be a complete love affair!!! From the first class I was hooked, it was a great complement to my lifestyle, I had been in the fitness world teaching aerobics part time and had a strong career in the hairdressing world, as I started to find semi retirement, I found myself heading to the hot studio more and more, as my practice intensified so did my knowledge for this style of yoga, I found my self looking a lot at the training applications…
Brazil just kept popping up, and with the extra push from my 18 year old son the support of my husband and daughter I was Brazil bound!!! It was life changing, and now as a teacher I find that I can inspire so many men and women that are older that it is never too late to take on new challenges in life!
I hung up my scissors after 32 years of hairdressing and have now become a full time teacher with Moksha! As my son so sweetly put it, “Mom go live your dream”! And that’s exactly what im doing. When im not teaching I take great pride in watching my son cultivate his hockey career and enjoy helping my daughter and son in law baby sitting their two children, 4 old Talan and 3month old Adriana Rose. I look forward to continuing this beautiful journey that I am on!