Heather Atkinson

Heather did her first yoga class at Moksha Yoga Guelph and that’s when she fell in love with hot yoga.  At that time she was dealing with some personal family matters, as her dad had just passed away unexpectedly.  She would often spend time at the gym but when her dad died she couldn’t clear her mind and got upset quite often in the middle of her workout. Her friends bought her a class pass to Moksha Yoga Guelph’s studio and that was the start of an incredible journey.  Spending an hour at a hot yoga class gave Heather peace of mind and calmness, while still being active and finding movement. Since then Heather has continued to evolve her yoga practice, starting off as an energy exchanger at Moksha Yoga Square One.  After one year she decided to take the Moksha Yoga teacher training in June 2013 and has never looked back.  Heather is passionate about teaching yoga and seeing her students grow and enjoy their practice as much as she does.