Ashlie Burns

The first week that Moksha Yoga Burlington opened in 2008 marked the first time Ashlie stepped onto a yoga mat. Why does she keep coming back to the mat? “It makes me feel good! I feel better each time I do it!” Ashlie developed a devoted practice and quickly became more involved in the Moksha… More details

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Connie Bartley

Prenatal Yoga-Janice Clarfield, Moksha Yoga(2006), Ashtanga Yoga-Diane Bruni & Ron Reid; Vinyasa Yoga(Kula Yoga Project –NYC), Buddhist Study-Precepts with Michael Stone, Non Violent Communication-Marshal Rosenberg + too many workshops to mention! On a recommendation I set out to try “hot” yoga as a means to better stretch my hamstrings from distance running over 10 years… More details


Katelyn Kroese

My name is Katelyn Kroese and my yoga journey started 7 years ago at Moksha Yoga Hamilton. I started yoga with the intention of finding something physical that I would enjoy, not being a very athletic person a friend of mine had suggested the practise of hot yoga. Like many people before me I became… More details

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Lisa Casarin

Lisa was introduced to Moksha Yoga in 2013. She says: “The minute I walked into MYM studio It felt like home! I loved the energy and totally felt connected to everyone at the studio!” Lisa feels that yoga transformed her life. It allowed her to re-connected her mind, body, and soul. Yoga provided Lisa a… More details


Greg Klym

Moksha yoga has had such a positive impact on my life in so many ways, its really hard to express how I feel in words. I started taking classes about six and a half years ago at the Moksha studio in Burlington while going through some real challenging times personally. Depression, anxiety and other stress related… More details


Heather Atkinson

Heather did her first yoga class at Moksha Yoga Guelph and that’s when she fell in love with hot yoga.  At that time she was dealing with some personal family matters, as her dad had just passed away unexpectedly.  She would often spend time at the gym but when her dad died she couldn’t clear… More details


Joe Dos Anjos

Joe attended his first yoga class over ten years ago and he’s been hooked ever since! Joe has been teaching children’s yoga for five years and just recently finished the Moksha training in Brazil. Joe’s teaching emphasizes the connection of a present mind in the moment of movement and the connection of breath to movement… More details


Judy Wood

So my first introduction to yoga came later in life, I was 50ish and my friends wanted to try this new hot yoga stuff….i was like mmmm ok…… so, there I was my first yoga class wondering what the heck I was doing sweating; gosh at my age I didn’t need a hot room, I… More details


Sarah Mceachern

Sarah began her journey with yoga over a decade ago and her love and passion with this path continues to evolve and blossom with every passing day. She was drawn to yoga for pain relief from scoliosis in 1999 while in college, and it has evolved into an ongoing journey of self exploration ever since…. More details


Shawna Goleski

Shawna began her yoga journey in 2005, after graduating from college and searching for something to balance out the stress and physical demands of her new career. It wasn’t until she spent 18 months traveling through the Pacific & Asia that she tried hot yoga for the first time, when a roommate took her to… More details